Hey! I have built this cool application for Ubuntu users. And I want other users to use it. Do you know how can I publish it? Worry not. Ubuntu has a way identified to help developers publish their applications and make them available for installation and regular updates through a standardized mechanism. PPA is your answer.

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After the initial days where websites were static pages, the internet quickly moved to rendering dynamic data based on the user requests. This led to the rise of various languages and serverside components. FPM i.e. FastCGI Process Manager is a serverside component that allows the web server to render dynamic webpage in a fast and scalable way with quite a few advanced techniques.

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Scala was designed to be better Java and has lived up to that expectation. It came from academia, which likes to experiment with some cool features of functional programming and mixing paradigms. While Scala has been popular, another language which is based on Java uses JVM and is compatible with Java has gained attention in recent years – Kotlin. It was officially supported by Google in Android Studio 3.0 (Oct 2017)

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HTML i.e. HyperText Markup Language was designed for static websites. When it was devised, we didn’t visualize the internet the way it is today. And hence HTML carries a lot of shortcomings for current web application development where displayed information is dynamic in nature. To overcome this shortcoming quite a few frameworks were developed. AngularJS is such a framework for dynamic web applications.

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As developers use multiple languages they start observing various shortcomings of the languages. This results in improving the language they are using or creating a whole new language. Several such languages have come out from developer groups. And Golang is one of them

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