“What Gets Measured, Gets Improved” said by Legendary Peter Drucker and rightly so. Unless you know how something is performing, you can’t even plan to improve it. And this has become all the more important in current age of millions of applications and devices which operate all around us. If one wants to improve the usability and functioning of that App or that remote sensor, she would need to collect lot of data and this is where Telemetry” comes into picture.

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Load Balancer

As your user base grows, your need for computing power also goes up. When you started with only a few users, you probably had only one web server. However, with the increased user base, you will need additional servers. As you put additional servers, you need to have some algorithm to decide which server should get the new traffic. Load Balancer helps you with this need.

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As the organizations grow, the networking needs of the organization also grow. The growth is not only in terms of the capacity, but it also calls for additional requirements. Various projects or departments in the organization have different needs. Some would need extra bandwidth to function properly or some would need isolated networks. Creating VLAN i.e. virtual LAN enables network administrators to fulfill such demands of the organization.

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With so many devices around us, it is only logical to think how can we get those devices to connect with each other. Connecting such devices through a router or access point or cellular network is the most common way. However, there are also use cases where infrastructure such as router or cellular network is not available and still the devices need to communicate with each other. In such cases, an ad-hoc network comes to rescue – Wireless Ad-hoc Network or WANET.

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On 28-Feb-2018, GitHub faced an attack that stopped their services for about 10 mins and fully recovered in 15 minutes. With 1.35 Tbps of traffic, this was biggest every DDoS attack in the recorded history of the internet. This attack – DDoS aka Distributed Denial Of Service – has taken various shapes and forms and keeps on hitting the services across the internet.

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