With the rise of innovations and improvements in the area of Internet Of Things (IoT), there was a need for having a low to mid-range low power consumption protocol. Bluetooth is one such protocol, however, it is high on power consumption and is not really suitable when several IoT devices want to communicate with each other or gateway for very long durations. ZigBee is IEEE specification meant to create PAN (Personal Area Network) with low power-low bandwidth requirements. 

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When you are dealing with a machine security, the very first things that comes to your mind is setting up a mechanism so that only authorized personnel can access your machine. Setting up username/password, SSH based authentication are few ways to implement access control. However, a most useful tool for any administrator is to setup firewall on the machine. UFW i.e. uncomplicated firewall is a firewall implementation available on linux distros such as Ubuntu and CentOS.

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SSE – Server-Sent Events

In the current age of fast mobile networks and very high internet speed, people are getting accustomed to frequent updates about their area of interest. They need the data to be pushed to them frequently – may it be social media like Facebook or Snapchat or it could be stock updates. Most common technology to get such updates was “Pull” by the client – primarily through AJAX request. However, there’s a better mechanism that is available but is rarely known – “Server-Sent Events” Continue reading “SSE – Server-Sent Events”


WebSocket is a fairly recent communication protocol which provides full-duplex communication over a single TCP connection. This protocol was standardized in 2011. Although this protocol is different from HTTP, there is a certain relation between them.

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