Virtual DOM

Document Object Model a.k.a. DOM is a cross-platform and language-independent programming interface. It treats various types of documents such as HTML, XML as tree structures consisting nodes as objects. These objects can be manipulated using DOM API. Virtual DOM is an in-memory replica of the DOM which is used by certain Javascript libraries to achieve certain performance goals.

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As your data grows, it starts throwing up problems of scale. Sometimes only a set of tables grow at a very high rate as compared to others. In such cases, the indexes defined on these tables also start consuming more space. Searching through these tables becomes time-consuming. This is where you can benefit from database sharding.

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Sidecar is a design pattern that allows deploying a supplementary service alongside the main application on the same host. It is a very popular pattern in microservices architecture and provides isolation to the main service from failures in supplementary services if any.

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