Emotion AI

Every passing day, we are hearing some breakthrough for Artificial Intelligence. We read about the Humanoid – Sophia, Google’s AI winning game GO and several other things. It is very apparent that AI and Machine Learning together would be able to replace several tasks that are based on methods and logic. Chatbots are already here which are sending out responses to humans. VPAs (Virtual Personal Assistants) are able to help with complex travel bookings as well. However, what is missing currently is these chatbots or VPAs do not understand human emotions – as yet. Emotion AI is all about bringing in emotion or empathy to the artificial intelligence so that the human-machine interaction is more human-like.

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You must have started thinking of RAID technology which is used worldwide for data storage. Hold on! It also has a different meaning in another important area of software engineering. RAID stands for Risks, Assumptions, Issues, and DependenciesRAID is an acronym which should be at the forefront of your mind if you are a project manager or a program manager.

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As computers started making entry into our everyday lives, automobiles were the obvious area for use of computers. Since 1968, various manufacturers have used computer systems in the automobile to collect various types of data. This is commonly referred as OBD – Onboard Diagnostics.

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With the rise of innovations and improvements in the area of Internet Of Things (IoT), there was a need for having a low to mid-range low power consumption protocol. Bluetooth is one such protocol, however, it is high on power consumption and is not really suitable when several IoT devices want to communicate with each other or gateway for very long durations. ZigBee is IEEE specification meant to create PAN (Personal Area Network) with low power-low bandwidth requirements. 

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