Django is a web app framework built using Python language. It is free and open-source (BSD license) framework used by many leading and well-known websites.

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What are the features of Django?

It uses Model-View-Controller architecture. The framework consists of:

  • Object-relational-mapper (ORM) which connects the data model with backend database (Model).
  • Web templating system to process HTTP requests (View)
  • URL dispatcher (Controller)

Being a framework, it also includes several components to ease the creation of complex web apps such as authentication module, web server, form component, cache module, support for XML and JSON representations and many more. As an addon, the distribution also contains tools to generate RSS/Atom feeds, Google Sitemaps, built-in mitigation for several vulnerabilities and also administrative interface.

Django framework implicitly enforces a certain way of developing your application, which might be construed as a limitation. However, this in itself maintains the sanctity of the code that is getting developed and keeps the code readable/maintainable even for your teammates.

Which websites are using Django framework?

The list is impressive. Disqus, Bitbucket, Instagram, Mozilla Firefox. Even Pinterest was built using Django, which later was migrated to Flask, another web app framework.

Alternatives for Django:

  • Flask
  • Falcon
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Laravel
  • Spring MVC

Why would you choose Django?

This framework is written in Python, which is easy to learn and also is one of the most popular languages. Built-in components and supporting modules make the development of the web app very fast. The add-ons provide the modules required for security. However, one of the important features of Django is template inheritance! You can define a base template and extend it for your further use.


  • It is pronounced as Jango (D is silent with emphasis on J)
  • It was created in 2003 by two developers working at a newspaper.
  • It was made open source and Django Software Foundation was formed to maintain the software.
  • Framework as has been named after a guitarist  Django Reinhardt.

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