With the rise of Javascript only applications, the tools needed for developers have been evolving. Angularjs / Reactjs applications may involve use of multiple sources including third-party JS libraries. When a developer uses multiple such bundles, she also needs to ensure that all dependent modules are tracked correctly and made available for the production use. This task is facilitated by something called module bundler. Webpack is one such bundler, which will learn more about today.

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After the initial days where websites were static pages, the internet quickly moved to rendering dynamic data based on the user requests. This led to the rise of various languages and serverside components. FPM i.e. FastCGI Process Manager is a serverside component that allows the web server to render dynamic webpage in a fast and scalable way with quite a few advanced techniques.

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Virtual DOM

Document Object Model a.k.a. DOM is a cross-platform and language-independent programming interface. It treats various types of documents such as HTML, XML as tree structures consisting nodes as objects. These objects can be manipulated using DOM API. Virtual DOM is an in-memory replica of the DOM which is used by certain Javascript libraries to achieve certain performance goals.

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Babel is a transpiler for Javascript which provides the highest level of feature inclusion from ES6 and produces the backward compatible code. This allows developers to use news features supported by ES6 and still run their code on current or even older browsers.

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